February 23, 2018

October 2011 Louisville Home Sales – UP!

Ford employees transferring to Louisville may be playing a small part in keeping Louisville homes sales moving upward! The number of Louisville Homes going under contract in September 2011 was up 4.8% over September 2010. Additionally the number of homes that sold and closed during the same period was up 15%. On the surface those numbers are encouraging, but remember last year at this time we were still suffering from the tax credit whiplash. Many people who were going to buy during the 2nd … [Read more...]

Remodeling your Louisville Home?


Are you one of the many people living in Louisville wondering if you should remodel parts of the home and stay in it several more years or simply put it on the market and sell it. You might also be thinking it’s time to fix up the house and then sell it. If so here’s the question your probably asking yourself: Where do you spend the money? As an realtor I can tell you the most popular renovations (and the ones that will help sell your home faster) are in the kitchen and master bathroom. … [Read more...]

How can you stop Louisville Foreclosures? By Bob Sokoler www.weselllouisville.com

Realtor Bob Sokoler

How can you stop Louisville Foreclosures? By Bob Sokoler www.weselllouisville.com Oh how we wish we could have helped Janeen Jones who’s the subject of a new story in the Courier Journal. “Louisville foreclosures up again in 2010; might be easing this year” was published n the CJ 1/13/2011. It’s a good read with good information about Louisville Homeowner Janeen and thousands of people in her situation who are going (or have been) through the foreclosure process. But the story leaves … [Read more...]

So who is the top Real Estate Team in Louisville?

So who is the top Real Estate Team in Louisville? By Bob Sokoler - www.weselllouisville.com We may not be number 1 but we're close to the top. The Medley Sokoler Team wrapped up another year. 104 families either moved in or out of Louisville homes (4 more than our goal). It’s a rewarding experience, it really is! We watch the smiles on the faces as our clients follow their dreams, find the perfect home and move in. As a TV reporter and anchor I was lucky enough to meet 1 or 2 people a day, do … [Read more...]

Bob Sokoler Realtor shares some of the ways to produce videos for clients!

I'm always amazed by response to videos on the internet. As a former TV reporter and Anchor in cities like Orlando, Atlanta and here in Louisville, I've done my share of stories. As a Louisville Realtor I've continued the tradition of reporting, but now about homes and with clients. The videos have gotten so popular that we get requests from our buyers to be in our videos. So I thought I'd share with you a couple of the things I do to produce the videos. We really hope you enjoy reading our … [Read more...]

Could Louisville Homes Sales be on the Increase? By Bob Sokoler, www.weselllouisville.com

By Bob Sokoler,  www.weselllouisville.com New Home sales numbers for October 2010 show some encouraging signs. But you have to look beyond the current sold number. On the surface the number of homes that sold/closed in Louisville Kentucky was down some 65% when compared to October 2009. The raw numbers look this way 798 sold/closed in October 2010 compared to 1210 sold/closed the year before. But here's the ray of sunshine, the number of home going under contract in October this year compared … [Read more...]

Working with the Extreme Elite at Elite Homes! By Bob Sokoler, www.weselllouisville.com

10617 Jefferson Hill Rd

By Bob Sokoler, www.weselllouisville.com You may have heard that ABC's Extreme Home Makeover is in town this week helping to build a new Louisville home for the Lampe Family. What many may not know is that once again the TV show has picked Louisville builder Elite Homes to staff and build the new Lampe home. This is the second time the TV show has been in Louisville (the first time they built a home for Patrick Hughes) and the 2nd time they have chosen Elite Homes and Joe Pusateri to build the … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales slip again but there is some good news. By Bob Sokoler, www.weselllouisville.com

Housing Sales

Louisville home sales took another plunge last month but there may be signs of some light at the end of the dark basement! First the bad news for Louisville home sellers. The number of homes going under contract in August of 2010 compared to August 2009 was down  9.8% (see the charts below). Additionally, the number of homes closing (actually changing ownership) during the same period was down d12.9%. Right now the only people who are buying real estate are people being transferred, investors … [Read more...]

Did the Home Buying Tax Credits for Louisville really help? The numbers tell the story. By Bob Sokoler – We Sell Louisville.com

By Bob Sokoler - We Sell Louisville.com You better believe the tax credit helped, many buyers and sellers are sorry it’s over (at least for now)! Hundreds if not thousands of new Louisville home buyers worked hard to be eligible to get the $8000 tax credit (and move up buyers a $6500 tax credit), it all ended Friday.  But not before some record numbers were recorded for Louisville Real Estate going under contract.  The numbers almost doubled from a year ago, 2109 in April 2010 compared to … [Read more...]

April 2010 Louisville Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension sparks debate! By Bob Sokoler We Sell Louisville

By Bob Sokoler, We Sell Louisville: Will the home buying tax credit be extended past April 30, 2010? Hundreds of thousands of Louisville home buyers and sellers are hoping to hear the word “yes”! The debate among realtors, lobbyists and politicians has already started. Not much is being said publically, but the battle lines are being drawn even as you read this. The facts from the trenches (those of us who are active realtors like our Medley Sokoler team) are clear. Thousands of Louisville … [Read more...]