January 21, 2018

Tax Credit Extended

Here are the details on the Tax crdit that will help Louisville Real Estate home Buyers: 1) Tax break for buying a home The legislation also would extend the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit to contracts signed by April 30 and closed by June 30. The controversial credit, which many say has boosted home sales in recent months, was set to expire after Nov. 30.  2) The bill also creates a $6,500 credit for those who buy a home after living in their current house at least five years. That measure … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales for September 2009 Skyrocket!

The Real Estate Sales numbers for Louisville Kentucky are in for September 2009 and the picture is loud and clear! The number of homes sold up 13 percent from September 2008 and up 4 percent from September 2007 (see raw data below). Additionally, the number of homes going under contract in September 2009 compared to September 2008 up 23 percent. When compared to September 2007, the numbers are  up 14 percent.  That is amazing! The reason is simple the $ 8000 tax credit. How can I tell? Easy, … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales Stalled By Red Tape!

It’s enough to make your blood boil! At a time when home sales should be brisk, new government regulations, ultra tight mortgage requirements and overworked (and angry) appraisers have slowed down home sales in Louisville Kentucky and around much of the rest of the country. On the surface the sales numbers are better than a year before but they could and should be a lot better! To understand what’s going on we need to examine two separate sets of numbers. To start with the number of homes … [Read more...]

$8000 Tax Credit Helps Louisville Home Buyers!

Chalk up another win for Louisville Area Home Buyers! Greg and Erin have been looking for a home for more than 6 months. Yesterday they closed on their dream home is in a quiet Louisville Suburb. We love working with 1st time home buyers and making their dreams come true. It’s what the Medley Sokoler Team does daily.. sell Louisville Real Estate! For more information about us head to www.weselllouisville.com … [Read more...]

Can you call it the stimu-less package?

Georgia one of our 2 English Bulldogs is not smiling yet, but we are! The Medley Sokoler team is actually seeing an increase in the number of first time home buyers in the Louisville area, we believe it’s directly tied to President Obama’s Stimulus Package and $8000 dollar tax credit for 1st time home buyers. But looking at last month’s home sales numbers you might think the stimulus package is stimu-less! The new statistics for February 2009 show the number of homes closed (sold) down 26 … [Read more...]