January 21, 2018

Louisville has been picked as one of top cities to buy a home!

You can have a slice of the Louisville real estate pie and maybe more ! Forbes Magazine has picked Louisville Kentucky (click here to see website)  as the second best city in the United States to buy a home (Pittsburg Pa. was number 1)! Shocking..? Not when you look at the criteria! To start with, Forbes based their picks on low foreclosures, housing affordability and rising house prices. Specifically, here in Louisville Kentucky, most housing is accessible to middle-income families, plus … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Relief Team formed at RE/MAX Properties East – Louisville Kentucky

The foreclosure problem continues to grow, the results are devastating! Loss off job, adjusting interest rate on a mortgage, medial problem, divorce even death of a spouse, the reasons so many people are facing foreclosures are many the results are usually the same.  Foreclosure will force you out of your home, ruin your credit rating and potentially effect current or future employment.  Amazingly 7 out of 10 homeowners facing foreclosure never contact their bank or a Realtor to get out from … [Read more...]

Home sales down… no surprise!

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers are out for October 2008 and though they don’t paint an encouraging picture or the local housing market,  they also don’t tell the whole story. The number of homes that sold and closed in October 2008 was down 25% compared to October 2007.  Homes that went under contract in October 2008 compared to a year before was down 30%. Uncertainty about the economy, the stock market roller coaster, Presidential election, lingering concern about gas prices … [Read more...]

Reading the September 2008 Numbers!

The slide of Louisville home sales appears to have just about leveled off in September 2008 when compared to a year before. The number of homes sold and closed last month was just 7% off from September 2007 but off 20% from September 2006. The numbers indicate that the housing slowdown has been affecting the Louisville are for more than a year now.  There may be an upturn on the horizon for home sales everywhere with reports that home sales in Orlando Florida are up from a year ago. The number … [Read more...]

What helps our marketing of a home stand out?

Homeowners need to have the best possible marketing for their home in these slower times. We've found our Videos really help do the job. Hoping to help other Realtors, I'm posting this video to help explain some of our success.  For more information go to www.weselllouisville.com. … [Read more...]