January 18, 2018

Louisville Home Sales slip again but there is some good news. By Bob Sokoler, www.weselllouisville.com

Housing Sales

Louisville home sales took another plunge last month but there may be signs of some light at the end of the dark basement! First the bad news for Louisville home sellers. The number of homes going under contract in August of 2010 compared to August 2009 was down  9.8% (see the charts below). Additionally, the number of homes closing (actually changing ownership) during the same period was down d12.9%. Right now the only people who are buying real estate are people being transferred, investors … [Read more...]

Steven and Deb avoid Foreclosure!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people facing a foreclosure never call a realtor or their bank to stop a foreclosure! They simply let the bank take their home and leave a 5-7 year mark on their credit that will follow them for a long time and prevent them from buyer a home for at least 5 years. There is an alternative; it’s called a short sale. It means a 2 year blip on your credit report but it’s far better than a foreclosure!  Only a handful of realtors have actually been trained to handle … [Read more...]

Becky and Joe Build a Ball Home and Love it!

As Real Estate Agents here in the Louisville Kentucky area we work with hundreds of clients a year. We love success stories and we love sharing them with you. Rebecca and Joe started working with us mid 2008. After showing this fabulous couple a number of homes they decided to build a home with Ball Homes. As an agent I’ve been very impressed with Ball homes for a number of reasons including their price, quality and warranty. Our daughter and my in-laws both have built Ball Homes and so I have … [Read more...]

Home sales down… no surprise!

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers are out for October 2008 and though they don’t paint an encouraging picture or the local housing market,  they also don’t tell the whole story. The number of homes that sold and closed in October 2008 was down 25% compared to October 2007.  Homes that went under contract in October 2008 compared to a year before was down 30%. Uncertainty about the economy, the stock market roller coaster, Presidential election, lingering concern about gas prices … [Read more...]

Foreclosure is not an option, help is available!


More and more homeowners are heading towards foreclosure. A new article published on Housingwire.com has the title “ Subprime Mortgage Delinquencies Building, Again” . The article points to another wave of upcoming foreclosures. Help may be coming is some form, an article published yesterday on Inman.com says “nearly $4 billion in federal grants will be spent to help state and local governments buy foreclosed and abandoned homes ” The big problem is that for thousands of area … [Read more...]

Has help really arrived for 1st time home buyers?


You may have heard that on Wednesday, July 30, President Bush signed the recently-passed housing legislation (H.R. 3221) into law.   The new first-time homebuyer tax credit went into effect immediately upon the President’s signature.  What is all means to consumers is still being questioned. Some are hoping the credit will convert  ”Just looking, thanks” home browsers into purchasers.  But no one is really sure at this moment. Here are some items we do know: 1) The legislation has … [Read more...]