January 18, 2018

What makes The Medley Sokoler Team top Louisville Realtors in town?

  Yea..yea..yea.. a lot of Louisville Real Estate agents make claims about selling a home! So what sets us apart from other Louisville Realtors? It's our marketing, contact, staff and experience. But we're also high tech! In fact we would much rather let our sellers tell you about The Medley Sokoler Team! So take a moment and watch the video. Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team and … [Read more...]

Louisville Ranks in Top 25 for Forbes Best Bank For Buck Cities.

Why move to Louisville? Forbes Magazine will tell you! A new report on Forbes.com rates the Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities. The report is based on a number of criteria including Solid housing markets, relatively stable employment, enviable cost of living and quick commutes make these metros among the country's most affordable to live. Out of the 100 cities ranked in the report. Louisville Kentucky ranked 24th easily beating cities like Indianapolis (ranked 40), St Louis (ranked 44) and … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales for September 2009 Skyrocket!

The Real Estate Sales numbers for Louisville Kentucky are in for September 2009 and the picture is loud and clear! The number of homes sold up 13 percent from September 2008 and up 4 percent from September 2007 (see raw data below). Additionally, the number of homes going under contract in September 2009 compared to September 2008 up 23 percent. When compared to September 2007, the numbers are  up 14 percent.  That is amazing! The reason is simple the $ 8000 tax credit. How can I tell? Easy, … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales Stalled By Red Tape!

It’s enough to make your blood boil! At a time when home sales should be brisk, new government regulations, ultra tight mortgage requirements and overworked (and angry) appraisers have slowed down home sales in Louisville Kentucky and around much of the rest of the country. On the surface the sales numbers are better than a year before but they could and should be a lot better! To understand what’s going on we need to examine two separate sets of numbers. To start with the number of homes … [Read more...]

Hey St Matthews.. Meet your New Neighbor Nick Phelps!

Nick is a first time home buyer who will get his $8000 tax credit this year. After a search that lasted about 4 months, Nick learned that when it comes to finding a home it takes time and patience. We were thrilled to help Nick along his journey and find the perfect home in a suburb of Louisville Kentucky. Many first time home buyers have a lot of questions about the process of buying a home. There are hundreds of details that a buyer has to learn about. We're here to answer those questions as … [Read more...]

What’s a Chicago Style Hot Dog doing in Louisville Kentucky?

  Have you ever tried a Chicago Style Hot Dog? As realtors here in Louisville Kentucky selling Louisville Real Estate daily, my wife Norine and I are out daily with clients. Years ago as a TV reporter/anchor for WHAS TV here in Louisville, I did a dining out story on Lonnie’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs! Wow, they were great. Lonnie now has 2 locations in Louisville and has developed quite a following. I shot this video this afternoon during lunch.  If you never tried a Chicago Style Hot Dog, … [Read more...]

Having problems closing on your home?

  You're not alone! We’re seeing a number of slowdowns in getting a home sold in Louisville Kentucky and around the rest of the country.  If you’re having a similar problem understand the factors. Mortgage companies are changing the rules daily! Underwriters are requiring more and more documentation and cross checks of all documents. The appraisers are the roosters that have been put in charge of the hen house. We have an appraiser for FHA requiring items like cleaning of the gutters … [Read more...]

Take a walk on FUN side – Louisville Kentucky ranks 15th!


Planning to take a walk? Consider doing it in Louisville Kentucky! In fact make it easy on yourself and move to Louisville and you can take a walk top 15 walk! The score is part of the website walkscore.com Of the 40 cities ranked, Louisville Kentucky came in number 15 (and they didn’t even include Bardstown Road a walkers paradise). Walk Score is a fantastic website that helps anyone considering a move find walkable places to live. It works this way, Walk Score searches and reports on the … [Read more...]

Becky and Joe Build a Ball Home and Love it!

As Real Estate Agents here in the Louisville Kentucky area we work with hundreds of clients a year. We love success stories and we love sharing them with you. Rebecca and Joe started working with us mid 2008. After showing this fabulous couple a number of homes they decided to build a home with Ball Homes. As an agent I’ve been very impressed with Ball homes for a number of reasons including their price, quality and warranty. Our daughter and my in-laws both have built Ball Homes and so I have … [Read more...]

Good credit, a down payment and patience all needed as of June 1, 2008 to buy a home in the Louisville Kentucky area.


Blame it on the number of short sales in Kentucky! The Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) has just announced that as of June 1, 2008 the entire state of KY will become a restricted market.  What does this mean to you as a buyer?  You can no longer take advantage of a 3% down payment loan with Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance. According to the MGIX website “In determining whether to place a market on the restricted markets list, MGIC uses both external and internal information … [Read more...]