February 23, 2018

Louisville Ranks in Top 25 for Forbes Best Bank For Buck Cities.

Why move to Louisville? Forbes Magazine will tell you! A new report on Forbes.com rates the Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities. The report is based on a number of criteria including Solid housing markets, relatively stable employment, enviable cost of living and quick commutes make these metros among the country's most affordable to live. Out of the 100 cities ranked in the report. Louisville Kentucky ranked 24th easily beating cities like Indianapolis (ranked 40), St Louis (ranked 44) and … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales for September 2009 Skyrocket!

The Real Estate Sales numbers for Louisville Kentucky are in for September 2009 and the picture is loud and clear! The number of homes sold up 13 percent from September 2008 and up 4 percent from September 2007 (see raw data below). Additionally, the number of homes going under contract in September 2009 compared to September 2008 up 23 percent. When compared to September 2007, the numbers are  up 14 percent.  That is amazing! The reason is simple the $ 8000 tax credit. How can I tell? Easy, … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales Stalled By Red Tape!

It’s enough to make your blood boil! At a time when home sales should be brisk, new government regulations, ultra tight mortgage requirements and overworked (and angry) appraisers have slowed down home sales in Louisville Kentucky and around much of the rest of the country. On the surface the sales numbers are better than a year before but they could and should be a lot better! To understand what’s going on we need to examine two separate sets of numbers. To start with the number of homes … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales July 2009

Louisville home sales for July 2009 jumped. Louisville saw a 21% increase in home sales from July 2008. The numbers were still 13% below the levels of July 2007 (before the housing market tanked).  There’s another great sign that the Louisville housing market has recovered, homes going under contract in July 2009 compared to the year before were up 32%. Peak performing sales prices were in the 100,000- 160,000 and 200,000-250,000 price ranges. The success of the month of July points directly … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales – June 2009

Louisville Real Estate Sales are bouncing back, at least for June 2009. The latest number of Louisville home sales for June show some interesting results. Contracts to purchase a home were up from a year before by 30% but the number of homeowners who actually sat down at a closing table and signed over deeds was off 1.5 %. A slow down by the appraisal process created much of the problem. Back on May 1 2009, new government regulations required mortgage companies and banks to go through a 3rd … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales in April 2009 improve!

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers for April 2009 show a marked improvement over the first 3 months of 2009 but still below the sales figures for April of 2008. Spurred on by an $8000 first time tax credit for 1st time buyers and those who haven’t owned a home in 3 years, the number of homes going under contract in April 2009 reached 1138 compared to 1289 a year before. That’s a decrease of 11% from April 2008 but better when compared to homes under contract the year before:  March … [Read more...]

Home sales down… no surprise!

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers are out for October 2008 and though they don’t paint an encouraging picture or the local housing market,  they also don’t tell the whole story. The number of homes that sold and closed in October 2008 was down 25% compared to October 2007.  Homes that went under contract in October 2008 compared to a year before was down 30%. Uncertainty about the economy, the stock market roller coaster, Presidential election, lingering concern about gas prices … [Read more...]

Louisville Kentucky Homes Sales drop in July!

First the good news, new numbers just out for home sales in Louisville Kentucky for July 2008 show only a 4.4% drop in sales prices from July 2007. Though a concern for local homeowners, there is comfort in the fact some cities are seeing 30-50 percent drops in home values. Louisville’s’ slight drop in home sales prices is tied directly to two problems: 1)      The number of homes on the market (10,912 as of August 1 2008). That number is high because of the number of foreclosures … [Read more...]

April 2008 Louisville Home sales off 31 % from a year ago, but the news is not all bad.


New numbers from MetroSearch,Inc., the data collecting arm of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors "GLAR" shows Louisville home sales down for the second month in a row. In April of 2007, 1332 homes sold in the metro Louisville area, one year later that number was down 31% to 921 homes. March 2008 numbers only showed home sales off 20% from March 2007. The Number of days a home sat on the market also lengthened  from 85 days in April of 2007 to 90 days in April 2008. Making it even … [Read more...]