November 18, 2017

How can you stop Louisville Foreclosures? By Bob Sokoler

Realtor Bob Sokoler

How can you stop Louisville Foreclosures? By Bob Sokoler Oh how we wish we could have helped Janeen Jones who’s the subject of a new story in the Courier Journal. “Louisville foreclosures up again in 2010; might be easing this year” was published n the CJ 1/13/2011. It’s a good read with good information about Louisville Homeowner Janeen and thousands of people in her situation who are going (or have been) through the foreclosure process. But the story leaves … [Read more...]

The Scoop On Louisville Short Sales

So what is a Short Sale and why are you hearing so much about them? Buyers pursue short sales to get a good deal. So when we send you a listing with a price for a home that looks too good to be true, it usually means that the home is either a short sale or a foreclosure. You might want to think twice about making an offer on a pre-foreclosure, short sale or foreclosure home. It's not as simple as you may believe, and we’re seeing some offers take up to 9 months to close. In fact on average … [Read more...]

Steven and Deb avoid Foreclosure!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people facing a foreclosure never call a realtor or their bank to stop a foreclosure! They simply let the bank take their home and leave a 5-7 year mark on their credit that will follow them for a long time and prevent them from buyer a home for at least 5 years. There is an alternative; it’s called a short sale. It means a 2 year blip on your credit report but it’s far better than a foreclosure!  Only a handful of realtors have actually been trained to handle … [Read more...]