January 21, 2018

Steven and Deb avoid Foreclosure!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people facing a foreclosure never call a realtor or their bank to stop a foreclosure! They simply let the bank take their home and leave a 5-7 year mark on their credit that will follow them for a long time and prevent them from buyer a home for at least 5 years. There is an alternative; it’s called a short sale. It means a 2 year blip on your credit report but it’s far better than a foreclosure!  Only a handful of realtors have actually been trained to handle a short sale properly. Bob and Norine Sokoler are advanced CDPE certified and along with their team navigate through the red tape known as a short sale.  One of our recent clients is Steven and Deb  who just sold their home in a short sale.


After watching the video feel free to call the Bob Sokoler and Medley Sokoler Team at (502) 376-5483 or head to www.weselllouisville.com or www.stoplouisvilleforeclosures.com.

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