February 23, 2018

The Real Estate Sky is NOT Falling!

Despite record temperatures and fear of a faltering economy, Louisville Homes going under contract for the month of July 2011 actually increased almost 11 percent from the year before (see data below). The numbers may be artificially low for July of 2010 because many homebuyers had purchased a home earlier in the year thanks to federal tax incentives. Still the trend from year to year shows some positive signs. For example the July 2011 homes going under contract numbers are only off 2.5 … [Read more...]

Louisville’s Home Sales Market out performs much of the nation!

If you’ve followed home sales reports around the nation you know the housing recovery is see-saw at best. But the new Louisville numbers for May 2011 of homes going under contract show some encouraging signs. We’re up 6% over May 2010 and that’s quite an accomplishment! Remember in April 2010 we had just completed the first time buyer $8,000 and move up buyer rebates. So you could make the argument that May 2010 was a bad month for home sales because anyone in the market to buy a home … [Read more...]

Texting while driving – Pass this along and save a life

Our blog posts are designed to keep you up to date on Louisville Real Estate market trends and the latest news on  our Medley Sokoler Team. BUT THIS BLOG post is different! It's about a subject that hits close to home for many of us. Like many, I have tried TEXTING WHILE DRIVING. After seeing this video my texting while driving days are over! I'll be sending this to our kids, you may want to consider sending it to people you love and care about! We want to be your … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales – May 2011 – By Bob Sokoler – www.weselllouisville.com

Louisville home sale numbers from April 2011 compared to April 2010 are down 17% and homes going under contract are down 44%. But don’t let the numbers fool you; remember tax credits last year artificially accelerated home sales. This year we’re looking at terrible weather, rising gas prices and an economy that still hasn’t stabilized. Yet despite the numbers, mother nature and uncertainty, homes are still going under contract and being sold. There are more people out now looking for … [Read more...]

Encouraging signs for Louisville home buyers and sellers

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers for March 2011 show some promising signs. The number of homes sold last month was down 10% from March 2011. Ok, you may be saying “down 10%... that’s promising”? Heck yes… remember March 2010 saw large numbers of first time and move up home buyers in the market skewing home sales up for the first 6 months of 2010. The number of homes going under contract was also positive for home sellers. Even with snow, cold temperatures and rain for a … [Read more...]

Louisville Home Sales hold steady!

Home sold photo

Weather played a key roll in slowing home sales in February. Yet despite snow, ice and freezing temperatures, 7% more Louisville homes went under contract during February 2011 than the year before. Sure it’s not a big increase, but hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come. Remember last year at this time we had the 1st time home buyers $8000 tax credit and the $6500 move up buyer credit. Additionally during the month of February 2011 interest rates inched upwards for several weeks … [Read more...]

We Love Our Clients 2-13-2011

We Love Our Clients 2-13-2011. … [Read more...]

Louisville home sales for Januarry 2011

Tonight there is some encouraging news for Louisville homeowners. New Louisville home sales numbers for January 2011 show the number of homes going under contract up some 14% over January of 2010.  Not impressed, oh but you should be. Remember we had a first time and a move up buyers tax credit in effect last year. Add to that January weather was terrible! I can personally tell you it’s no fun slipping and sliding into and out of driveways and walkways. So 14% is a respectable number … [Read more...]

What makes The Medley Sokoler Team top Louisville Realtors in town?

  Yea..yea..yea.. a lot of Louisville Real Estate agents make claims about selling a home! So what sets us apart from other Louisville Realtors? It's our marketing, contact, staff and experience. But we're also high tech! In fact we would much rather let our sellers tell you about The Medley Sokoler Team! So take a moment and watch the video. Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team and … [Read more...]

Remodeling your Louisville Home?


Are you one of the many people living in Louisville wondering if you should remodel parts of the home and stay in it several more years or simply put it on the market and sell it. You might also be thinking it’s time to fix up the house and then sell it. If so here’s the question your probably asking yourself: Where do you spend the money? As an realtor I can tell you the most popular renovations (and the ones that will help sell your home faster) are in the kitchen and master bathroom. … [Read more...]