January 21, 2018

Courier-Journal offers peak inside the Medley Sokoler team marketing!

You may have seen one of our marketing videos we produce for all of our Louisville Home listings. This week the Courier-Journal’s Alex Davis wrote a story on the new trend. For a look at his article click here. For a look at our listings and videos check out the following 2 websites: http://weselllouisville.com/featured_listings (click on Virtual Tour links) www.luxurylouisvillehomes.com … [Read more...]

Tech Brainstorming will help Louisville Area Home Buyers and Sellers

We're just back from a very exciting brainstorming session in Columbus Ohio. Imagine being surrounded by some of the top Real Estate agents on the eastern half of the U.S. with the goal of using new technology to its full potential in 2009 for buyers and sellers. To read more about our event click here. … [Read more...]

Mortgage rates could drop

  Ok.. get ready...... set..... Stand by! This from the AP and published in the Courier-Journal today: ·         WASHINGTON -- Government efforts to provide easier credit to consumers and jump-start flagging home sales could push mortgage rates "well below 4 percent," a federal regulator says  James Lockhart, whose agency oversees government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, made the comments Wednesday at a meeting of Women in Housing & Finance, an industry … [Read more...]

4.5% interest rates could help U.S. Recovery

CNN is reporting that Lobbyists are pushing the Treasury Department to buy down interest rates.  Cnn's says “Similar to an effort unveiled last week by the Federal Reserve, the proposal calls for Treasury to buy securities backed by 30-year fixed-rate mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.” That proposal caused an immediate drop in rates of at least ½ point. What will this mean to you as a home buyer? Well I did a little math and the numbers are impressive. If you were to buy a home … [Read more...]

October lives up to expectations! Now’s the time to buy!!!

First the good news: Now is the time to buy.  If you are considering purchasing a home get off the fence and jump in. Interest rates drooped last week below 6%. Home owners who have to sell are accepting deals lower than anyone could imagine.   Call or e-mail us 24/7 and we’ll send you an updated list of homes on the market. The bad news is for current homeowners who need to sell: The month of October has notoriously been a slow month for real estate sales, this year October was worse than … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Relief Team formed at RE/MAX Properties East – Louisville Kentucky

The foreclosure problem continues to grow, the results are devastating! Loss off job, adjusting interest rate on a mortgage, medial problem, divorce even death of a spouse, the reasons so many people are facing foreclosures are many the results are usually the same.  Foreclosure will force you out of your home, ruin your credit rating and potentially effect current or future employment.  Amazingly 7 out of 10 homeowners facing foreclosure never contact their bank or a Realtor to get out from … [Read more...]

Looking for feedback on your home? The problem may not by your agent!


If you have a home listed on the market you probably want to know what buyers think when they walk through your home. As listing agents we want to know as well. Feedback helps everybody. Let’s face it, if a buyer sees a problem or thinks the home is overpriced compared to other homes they’ve seen, we want our sellers to know.   For more than a year now we’ve been using e-mail for feedback. It’s been very successful because agents can answer a series of questions when they have time and … [Read more...]

Home sales down… no surprise!

New Louisville Kentucky home sales numbers are out for October 2008 and though they don’t paint an encouraging picture or the local housing market,  they also don’t tell the whole story. The number of homes that sold and closed in October 2008 was down 25% compared to October 2007.  Homes that went under contract in October 2008 compared to a year before was down 30%. Uncertainty about the economy, the stock market roller coaster, Presidential election, lingering concern about gas prices … [Read more...]

Foreclosure is not an option, help is available!


More and more homeowners are heading towards foreclosure. A new article published on Housingwire.com has the title “ Subprime Mortgage Delinquencies Building, Again” . The article points to another wave of upcoming foreclosures. Help may be coming is some form, an article published yesterday on Inman.com says “nearly $4 billion in federal grants will be spent to help state and local governments buy foreclosed and abandoned homes ” The big problem is that for thousands of area … [Read more...]

Reading the September 2008 Numbers!

The slide of Louisville home sales appears to have just about leveled off in September 2008 when compared to a year before. The number of homes sold and closed last month was just 7% off from September 2007 but off 20% from September 2006. The numbers indicate that the housing slowdown has been affecting the Louisville are for more than a year now.  There may be an upturn on the horizon for home sales everywhere with reports that home sales in Orlando Florida are up from a year ago. The number … [Read more...]