January 21, 2018

Looking for feedback on your home? The problem may not by your agent!

If you have a home listed on the market you probably want to know what buyers think when they walk through your home. As listing agents we want to know as well. Feedback helps everybody. Let’s face it, if a buyer sees a problem or thinks the home is overpriced compared to other homes they’ve seen, we want our sellers to know.


For more than a year now we’ve been using e-mail for feedback. It’s been very successful because agents can answer a series of questions when they have time and at their own pace  The answers are usually much more detailed and thought out. But over the past 5 months we’ve seen a marked reduction in the number of e-mails we receive. My theory is that because there are so may homes on the market combined with so many short sales and foreclosures buyers are asking to see more homes before making a decision . Showing more homes is taking more time and with more homes comes more requests for feedback. I’m wondering if the requests have been overwhelming for some agents. Here at the Medley Sokoler Team my wife Norine and I try to go out together to show homes. That allows us time to answer a clients questions as well as take notes on the home (both good and bad). That helps Norine respond to e-mail and phone requests for feedback (I’m not sure how she ended up with that job but I’m not complaining).


The bottom line is if your agent is not getting feedback from showings, don’t necessarily blame your agent, it may just be that the buyers’ agent is overwhelmed with the number of showings it now takes to make their buyer happy.  

For more information about the Medley Sokoler Team, head to www.weselllouisville.com or www.louisvillehomestoday.com.

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