January 21, 2018

Elite Homes and Joe Pusateri – The company behind tonight’s Extreme Makeover on ABC-TV

By Bob Sokoler – www.weselllouisville.com

Did you watch Extreme Makeover on ABC-TV 1/9/2011? If so you saw the 2nd appearance of Louisville Home builder Elite Homes and owner Joe Pusateri! It’s not by accident that  Elite Homes has become one of this countries most successful builders. While other builders around the United States have closed up shop, Elite Homes has used the slow down in new home construction to tighten their belts and become better at building homes more efficiently without sacrificing quality. It takes a lot work and a commitment to excellence to rise to the level of Elite Homes. Elite was just named one of America’s Best Builders for 2011.

We love using videos to show our Louisville Real Estate listings to buyers. As Louisville Kentucky Realtors we produce video profiles on the builders (listing partners) we work with. We’re proud of them and we want you to know why!

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