January 21, 2018

An open letter to builders! (Part 1)

My wife and Norine were out showing homes to buyers yesterday and showed some new construction. We found several disasters that made us wonder, “What were they thinking”? So as a favor to this builder we begin a 3 part series to bring the builders who need it up to speed on Louisville Real Estate.

Item 1) Lets face it, buyers are fewer and farther between these days and those who are out shopping for a new home want to feel like they’re getting a deal. Builders need suppliers who are willing to cut profits in this tight economy and help builders add value to homes by offering discounts on everything from appliances to wood floors (I know easy for me to say).

Item 2) Price, Price, Price… buyers are looking at every detail but price is the bottom line. Stay ahead of the rest of the pack with features that present a big bang for the money. For example Granite to many buyers is Granite. Why pay for mid to high-end granite when the basic granite will be enough to excite a buyer. Find a supplier who will do custom edges for next to nothing.

Item 3) Every day we watch buyers get excited with large kitchens featuring granite, stainless appliances, open floor plans, luxury master bathrooms with separate shower and tub and large walk-in closets.

More to come! For more info on our team head to www.weselllouisville.com

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